Reference Management

Complete, configurable platform to help you store, search, manage and track your customer reference assets and ROI of your program.

Move Deals Forward

Strengthen your sales force with the right assets, workflow tools and engagement intelligence to effectively impact your buyers’ journey.

Empower Sales with Mobile

Share customer testimonial content to support conversations, drive prospect engagement and qualify leads wherever you are.

Activate the Channel

Centralize sales and marketing collateral for easier & more efficient sales partner self-service. Get analytics on asset utilization.

RO|Innovation is the expert at activating the voice of your customer to accelerate your business. Our suite of SaaS solutions optimize your customer reference and marketing assets within your sales cycle, making it easy for your teams to organize, find, send and track the right customer assets at the right time for optimal impact on every sales opportunity.

From innovative technology experts to experienced project managers and program strategists, our team of professionals goes the extra mile to configure scalable software solutions that drive results for your business.